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Neapolitan Song arr. soprano saxophone & piano

This is an arrangement for soprano saxophone with piano accompaniment of Tchaikovsky’s Neapolitan Dance also familiar as a theme from one of the dances in Act III of Swan Lake. The musical material is very similar to that found in Tchaikovsky’s Children’s Album although the music has been arranged in 4/4 time and has a repeat whilst the piano accompaniment includes of some of the orchestral music countermelodies from Swan Lake. The tempo of the first section Allegro moderato in the realization is at 96 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minutes and for the Molto piu mosso section the tempo is 110 quarter note beats to the minutes. Often performers choose a slower tempo for the slower section and a faster one for the faster section. The first note of the soprano saxophone part is only sounded on the repeat and some performers also cut out 4 beats in the link between bars 10 and 11. In the repeat there is additional instruction to accelerate towards the end of the movement but the music editor advises against this until the piece is known thoroughly by the soloist and well rehearsed with the accompanist. The accompanist may wish to edit the playing of the introduction by omitting the left hand chords and playing the octave lead in with separate hands or even more simply by starting at bar 5. A soprano saxophone part is appended to the full music score in the pdf download.

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Neapolitan Song piano key of Eb 96 bpm 256 kbps

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