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Scarborough Fair arr. flute & piano

An arrangement for flute and piano of this popular English folk song in the dorian mode with the key note being D. The realisation plays at 50 dotted half notes (minim) beats to the minute. The melody section is repeated 4 times by the solo instrumentalist and it is the piano accompaniment that is varied for each verse. The arrangement has been designed very much to build confidence in solo playing working alongside a competent accompanist. Texturally the music is quite sparse which helps give it a haunting quality. The accompanist may wish to add some sustaining pedal although this has not been indicated in the score. The lyrics for the song are well worth a read through because they identify many of the challenges of modern living despite having their origins in the English ballad culture of many centuries ago. A flute part is appended to the full score. The three accompaniment options have tempi of I) 150 2) 144 and 3) 138 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute which can be alternatively looked at as being 1) 50 2) 48, and 3) 46 dotted half notes (minim) beats to the minute. If you are confused the music editor understands completely but the best advice is to play with a one to a bar feel.

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