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Spring Song (Original)

A joyous and uplifting movement both for the player and the listener. A tempo of 84 quarter note beats (crotchet) to the minute is suggested and used in the realisation. Whilst a performance should not be rushed it also mustn't drag. Listen to performances of this work by different instrument combinations to form a musical picture of how the work should be performed. I would suggest that this an example of a piano piece that actually sounds much better played by a combination of instruments. Look for any repeating patterns in the music as an understanding of the formal patterns will assist players in their performances. Acciaccaturas and in the melody line are notated in the score but are nor realised in the playback scores. Pianists need to experiment with the sustaining pedal to obtain the sound that they want - the music editor's preference is to pedal on and off on each beat of the bar with some flexibility particularly at cadences.

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