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Al Fresco arr. marimba & piano

Described as an Intermezzo this is a piece of music intended to change the mood usually having a context in a larger scale work. Dating from the early years of the 20th century this is a skillfully composed piece of music and whilst presented in this context as a serious piece it could quite easily be presented as a humorous item with exaggerated tempo changes and more contrasting dynamics. The realization plays at a tempo of 96 quartet note beats to the minute although there are recorded versions that exist with much faster tempos. Tempo changes are only indicated in the score in the closing section and not at the end of phrases and sections. The step downs in tempo at bar 121 and bar 129 need to be quite obvious to the point of being humorous. The formal model is that of the American march and the music can best described as being an example of early “light music.” As a piece intended to break or change a mood it is ideally placed as part of the repertoire in the PlentyMusic Café. Victor Herbert was born in Ireland, and after subsequently training and working in Germany he moved to the United States to become a very successful composer of Broadway operettas in the period between 1890 and the start of World War I in 1914. This is music that invites exaggeration in performance and the more competent the risk taker the more likely they are to succeed providing they have both the communication and technical skills to ensure success. For the pitched percussionist the music editor has avoided using tremolos on the half notes in bars 25 and 26 (+ repeats of these bars through the piece).

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