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Andante in C from Keyboard Sonata No. 10 arr. mandolin & acoustic guitar

A graceful movement from one of Haydn's early keyboard sonatas (Hob. XVI/I) with a melody that very much captures the spirit of the classical age. The melody needs to be played in a flowing and even manner and played at a tempo in which the music is does not seem to be rushed. The appeal of the music is very much in its simplicity and it is very suited to being performed by just a melody instrument accompanied by an acoustic guitar. A tempo of 42 quarter notes (crotchet) beats to the minute is suggested. In the realisation a consistent approach to the interpretation of the ornaments is the intention but there are other solutions and additions that can be made. Performers of this work often vary and add additional ornaments in the the repeat sections and consequently no two performances of the movement are interpretated in the same way. The ornaments in this version are written out in an ossia staff but can always be omitted in the early stages of learning the piece.

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