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PlentyMusic has now been launched and applications for membership can be made to The PlentyMusic Office click here

PlentyMusic is a music resources website aimed at students and teachers in schools and colleges who play music instruments. PlentyMusic provides a variety of high quality music scores with supporting mp3 sound files allowing individuals to audition/listen to music before downloading and printing pdf sheet music files.

PlentyMusic operates a membership system whereby its members pay an annual subscription of £5 which allows access to the all the resources on the site. Application for membership can be made to The PlentyMusic Office by clicking the link to the Members Application page. Once an completed membership application form has been received with the annual subscription payment, a username and password will be issued by email from The PlentyMusic Office.

Before applying for membership please browse and listen to tracks /sound files. It is possible to browse and search by Areas of Study, Composer, Instrument, Difficulty Level.

The resources are designed to be used in several contexts - educational, performing and teaching.  Difficulty levels of pieces are given as a guide and relate to the playing standard of the whole movement and in ensemble pieces understand that players may well be playing at different levels.

The playing levels are described as beginner, improver, intermediate and advanced. Beginner level is aimed at first year and Improver level at second year instrumental players. Intermediate level resources are in the  Grade 4 - 5 range and Advanced  Grade 6 and upwards.

PlentyMusic is interested in hearing from its members - feedback and suggestions about the music and arrangements on this website can be sent to

Sheet music files, in A4 format, have been prepared using Sibelius software and exported into pdf format for downloading. The mp3 sound files have been produced from exporting Sibelius files into audio. Sibelius Sounds and Garritan samples have been used. 

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