Theme and Variations arr. piano

Fernando Sor's Theme and Variations from L' Encouragement is possibly more classical in spirit certainly from the thematic point of view. The melodic material does need to be clearly articulated whilst harmonically it does follow the pattern of the cantabile movement in that there is a change to the tonic minor key. The tempo of each variation can in performance be considered as a separate movement and the tempo at which the music sections are played will be very much determined by the technical facility of the solo instrument player. One of the technical challenges is to articulate the triplet figurations with clarity. This Theme and Variations has an extended coda which can lead to a repeat of theme if it is being performed as a separate movement. As is often the case in variations the musical intensity increases as the movement progresses. The realisations in their very nature tend to lack the nuance of a performance and tend to be on the rushed side although they provide an excellent means for auditioning pieces. The repeats are not played in the realisation. It would be wise to spend time listening to guitar duet versions to appreciate the musical range that features in this appealing work.

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