None but the Lonely Heart arr. flute & two acoustic guitars

None but the Lonely Heart originates as a song dating from 1869 and comes from the composer’s Opus 6 collection. This arrangement for flute and two acoustic guitars keeps close to the composer’s original version of the song and is an excellent piece for the flute soloist to develop both control and quality of tone. The accompaniment is played by two acoustic guitars with the off-beat or syncopated chords in the acoustic guitar 2 accompaniment adding both intensity and urgency to the music. The suggested phrasing is determined by the shape of the melody and the punctuation of the poetry. The realisation plays back at a tempo of 90 quarter notes or crotchet beats to the minute. Individual parts are appended to the full sheet music score and the guitar duo accompaniment is available playing at (1) 88 (2) 90 (3) 92 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute as an mp3 download. For a piece of just 54 bars in length there is a both considerable musical and emotional range which suggests that this is an excellent assessment piece.

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