Rondo (Sonatina) arr. sop, alto & tenor saxophone

This is an attractive piece which has in the recent past been used as the basis for a pop tune. In this arrangement for soprano, alto & tenor saxophone, of the first section of the piece, the melody is played by the soprano saxophone while the chords and bass are played by the alto saxophone and tenor saxophone respectively. A tempo of 110 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is suggested and the sounding key is F The rondo was composed by Clementi, known in his own time as a teacher, composer, performer and even as a manufacturer of pianos spending most of his adult life living in England. His Opus 36 Sonatinas are a rich source of music for piano players. A rondo is a piece with a recurring theme although only the A or first section is featured in this improver level arrangement intended to introduce players of these instruments to ensemble playing.

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