Over the Waves arr. pitched percussion (two marimbas)

Juventino Rosas was a Mexican composer and violinist who began his career as a street musician. After a visit to Cuba in 1894 he became very poorly and sadly died at the young age of 26. "Over the Waves" (Sobre las Olas) was published in Mexico in 1888 and is one of the most well known Latin American pieces. The waltz melody is nowadays played by many stylistically differing types of performing groups. The melody is very much associated with the music of funfairs, trapeze artists and fairground organs and was used for the song "The Loveliest Night of the Year" from the MGM film "The Great Caruso." This improver level (second year players) movement in ternary ABA form is an ideal ensemble piece. The realisation which features two marimbas playsback at 60 dotted half note (minim) beats to the minute and pitched percussion players need to communicate a one to the bar feel in their playing. Piano accompaniments are available as an mp3 download at tempi of (1) 60 (2) 58 and (3) 56 dotted half note (minim) beats to the minute.

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Music Accompaniments:

Over the Waves guitar key of G 60 bpm 128 kbps
Over the Waves guitar key of G 58 bpm 128 kbps
Over the Waves guitar key of G 56 bpm 128 kbps

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