Cantabile arr. viola & piano

Fernando Sor's L'Encouragement Opus 34, originally for guitar duet, comprises three movements was originally intended to be performed as a continuous movement although its three sections can easily be performed as separate movements and this is how they are presented on the website. The music dates from 1828 and consequently belongs to the romantic era and is a very good example of salon or drawing room music intended for small audiences at home rather than the concert hall. Fernando Sor, was a Spanish composer, born into a military family who has often been to as referred to as the Beethoven of the guitar. Whilst not considered to be a great composer he did nevertheless compose many attractive works that are suitable for performance in arrangements such as this. The piano essentially fulfills the role of the second guitar part with some additions to make the part more pianistic. Where appropriate barring and note values have been clarified as much for the eye than for musical reasons. Cantabile the first movement from L'Encouragement is in ABA (ternary) form although the repeat is a varied repeat. The realisation has a tempo of 54 dotted quarter note beats (crotchet beats ) to the minute and the musical content combines a pastoral feel with a quite stately tempo. The melody line needs to be delivered with a singing legato whilst the movement should be played communicating a sense of two beats to the bar. The solo viola part is appended to the full score.

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