Minuet in A arr. string quintet of violins 1, 2, 3, viola and violoncello D.334

The string quintet arrangement of the Minuet in A D.334 is available from PlentyMusic as a free score. The full score has appended parts and is available as a one file pdf download.The arrangement is scored for Violin 1, Violin 2, Violin 3, Viola and Violoncello. Using the PlentyMusic android app the music could be printed from a smart phone. Schubert’s Minuet D.334 is a hidden gem of the music repertoire that needs to played and become known by instrument players and audiences. If PlentyMusic users would like the movement to be scored for any additional instruments please advise the PlentyMusic Office and one of the team will respond. The Minuet and Trio is performed without the repeats in the Minuet sounding in the video score. A quiet enchanting movement that adds evidence to the suggestion that Franz Schubert was essentially a chamber musician. The falling melodic shape / motif at the end of the Minuet is a lovely challenge for performers to deliver musically and accurately. Whilst a solo work for piano it is very evident that the musical conception could quite easily be for a group of musicians. It is an excellent movement for developing an understanding of a musical texture in the romantic era. The music editor suggests a one to the bar feel in performance. A tempo of 56 dotted half notes (minim) beats to the bar is used in the realisation. Another challenging aspect of performing this Minuet is distinguishing the notes that are tied from the ones that are slurred. Individual instrument parts transposed where appropriate are appended to the full score in the pdf download.

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