Keyboard Sonata in B minor K.87 (Edited)

This is an edited music score in that it has has some score detail to assist players in their performance and practice. A keyboard sonata of great musical beauty and intensity conceived in four parts or voices. Whilst some use of the sustaining pedal is needed pedalling markings have not been indicated in the score. This sonata is excellent for developing the playing technique where a finger is substituted for another one whilst the note is still sounding to obtain the best legato possible. (changing finger on a note technique) A tempo of 84 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is suggested. The second b in the tenor line in bar 1 is not sounded in many performances and in the realisation is represented by a silent note. When a part/voice is not sounding rests are not always written in the score and players need to be aware of this. It is sometimes very easy to have notes lasting than they should be. The combination of sampled sounds and the notation software enables a very consistent sound to be delivered in the realisation. At least there are no ornaments to worry about when playing this sonata! A sustained legato can be achieved with secure and appropriate fingering in place and it would be well worth while spending time pencilling in some options into the score. Always be prepared to edit and update the fingering choices whilst the sonata is being studied.

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