Keyboard Sonata in C minor K.8 (Performance)

The performance score has score detail including dynamics, articulation markings and suggested right and left hand fingering. It is very easy to be tempted to play this keyboard sonata too heavily - remember that Scarlatti's music originates on the harpsichord which requires a lighter touch than the piano. To perform this sonata it is important to understand both the texture and voicing. There are four lines or voices and each needs to be articulated with sensitivity and awareness of the others. Whilst all the lines are important the top line is the one that will most impress on the listener. Understand that when a particular voice is not sounding rests may or may not be written in the score. In a performance of this sonata careful attention also needs to be paid to the reading and playing of the tied notes. A tempo of 60 quarter note beats to the minute is suggested and from the playing point of view it is an excellent piece for developing changing the finger on a note technique which is necessary to achieve a legato particularly in the top line. The right hand is required to play some notes written in the bass clef particularly towards the end of the first section although players should be able to work out the suggestions with the bracket signs and indicated fingering. Remember: In music of the baroque period once the rhythmic pattern of the opening bars has been established it is generally maintained throughout the movement. A dot after a note can mean slightly different things rhythmically in different musical styles. Playing Tip: Understand the musical texture that you are playing

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