The Little Shepherd original piano version

The Little Shepherd from Debussy's Children's Corner Suite" is one of the composer's easier pieces although it does offer similar challenges to those encountered in his more complex works. His music whilst often sounding simple is always challenging from a performance point of view and there are many aspects of performance to consider when playing his music - namely attention to rhythmic detail, tempo, dynamic range, use of pedals, interpretation of ornaments, amongst others. The piano suite was published in 1908 and is dedicated to the composer's daughter Chou-Chou and whilst the score detail is in French, the choice of English titles was chosen to possibly reflect that an English governess was employed to look after his child. The realisation which communicates the musical content satisfactorily does lack fluidity in repect to tempo. Debussy's sound world is individual and while he was not someone who followed musical convention, he, more than any other composer at the end of the 19th century pushed open the door to absorb the new musical influences of the 20th century. The music editor suggests istening to several performances of the work to gain an understanding of how best to approach a performance.

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