Finale from Piano Sonata No.5 in C minor

This work dates from 1798 and is identified with Beethoven's so called early period and is the third movement of his Sonata No. 5 in C minor Opus 10 No.1. It is the most difficult work to be included in this area of study and has been chosen because it is an example of a sonata form work. It is, however, a very concise movement especially when compared to the sonata form movements of the composers so called middle and late periods. Nevertheless, it demonstrates the essential features of his compositional style and has many of the challenges that arise in performing his music from both technical and musical points of view. In contemporary music performance practice the first section expositions are generally not repeated and I would advise against too much use of the sustaining pedal. It is necessary to understand that exploring the principle of contrast was an essential feature of music composed in the classical era in terms of themes and keys very often in the context of a sonata form movement. The realisation does lack the flexibility and nuance associated with a true performance particularly at the ends of phrases and possibly more could be made of the pause marks. The score copy has recommended fingering.

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