Finale from Piano Sonata in D Hob XVI:37

This is the last movement of Haydn's Piano Sonata in D (Hob XVI:37). It is in rondo form (ABACA) with each section in binary form. The repeat signs in the sections bar 40 - 60 are optional. Ornaments have been written out in the score and are realised in the sound file and a tempo of at least 132 quarter note beats to the minute is recommended. Fingering is clearly specified and in the first instance I would suggest a consistent approach to playing the ornaments. A fairly dry acoustic is required and I would advise against too much use of the sustaining pedal. A convincing performance requires a light pianistic touch with the fingers kept really close to the piano keys. There is a a decrescendo at bar 90 but no rit. or slowing down. Sometimes the numbering of Haydn's keyboard sonatas appears confused but always refer to the Hoboken catalogue number for clarity. I would suggest listening to performances of this movement by some of the many excellent pianist that have made recordings.

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