Minuet in G for piano WoO 10 No.2

A very appealing and familiar movement from the treasure trove of Beethoven's works WoO (Without Opus number) Originally composed for orchestra, the manuscript was lost and the music has essentially been reconstructed from a piano arrangement. It is an excellent piece for improver (second year) player and this version for solo piano has the right and left hand fingering clearly specified. In performance the Minuet is played with repeats followed by the Trio section marked più mosso again with repeats. Finally, the first Minuet is repeated but this time without repeats. A rit. (slowing down) at the end of the two main sections (minuet and trio) is appropriate. The music editor urges those auditioning this piece to listen to many performances featuring different soloists get a clear vision of how the movement can and should be played. It is a Beethoven piece that frequently is played badly. A tempo of 110 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is suggested for the first Minuet section and a tempo of 120 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is suggested for the Trio section marked più mosso. Notes need to be clearly articulated and remember that the movement is full of humour and character. A plain score is appended to the edited music score. This score was reviewed and revised in 2020.

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