Gnoissienne No. 1 piano solo

Gnoissienne No. 1 an intermediate level piano solo dating from 1890 and was composed by Erik Satie one of the most eccentric and individual composers in the history of music. The movement is frequently associated with images particularly in video documentaries that convey sadness and melancholy. Satie’s sound world is both individual and characteristic. There is a strong repetitive element whilst the timeless element is also an additional feature. Satie was a composer who experimented with form, rhythm and both chordal structures and sounds. A miniaturist his music connects with many because his sound world retains great contemporary appeal. The first 3 Gnoissiennes were published in 1893 and do not have time signatures or bar lines and are described as being in free time. The score available from PlentyMusic has this and an additional appended score which does have the time signature and bar lines in place. Bar lines are so easy on the eye and the music editor suggests should never be totally ignored. The playback tempo is 110 quarter note beats to the minute suggesting a more Moderato tempo than Lento. Understand that music tempi in general have quickened in the last 100 years. The use of the sustaining pedal is recommended but not indicated in the sheet music score. Saties’s Gnoissienne are similar to the Gymnopedie’s in style and concept and musical language. Satie lived in Paris and there are some fascinating commentaries about his daily life and work routines which involved walking from his apartment in Accueil to Paris particularly to Montmartre and after WW1 to Montparnasse. They are well worth exploring particularly as they give insight to his approach to life and composition. When he died much of his music was rediscovered simply because it was buried in a piano below a piano. Work this one if you can or research more. He is a quite extraordinary composer who more than 100 years after his death remains even more extraordinary and certainly suggests he lived well before his time. Possibly in more recent times he would be described as being somebody with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) although that is a diagnosis for a psychologist rather than a music editor. Satie’s music translates well into other idioms such as jazz. He remains a composer who whose music should be explored by all musicians.

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