Bartok B. | Bear Dance for piano solo from Ten Easy Pieces Sz.39

Bartok's approach to much of his piano writing is that he considers it as a percussion instrument. Much of his music sounds challenging but often it is quite playable. The challenge is more on the musical ear and technique rather than the musical content. It is a case of the listener being challenged. The score detail is a strong element in the sheet music copy. Bartok’s music scores do require careful study. The melodic shapes and patterns in this movements are strong and repetitive and the rhythmic element music is particularly strong. He was a great experimenter with sounds and in that he has much in common with Stravinsky. Bartok is one of the best 20th century composers to study because he is excellent at preparing the ear’s of a musician for modern sounds. Bartok’s music does possess great symmetry and his music does identify with the tonal tradition. His music might not sound tonal at times but the functionality in all sense and purpose is tonal. Bartok’s music is often derived from the rhythms and sounds of folk melodies he heard as a child and adult. The music editor suggests that this is an excellent performance piece for aspiring musicians.

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