Third Movement: Presto from Concerto in D minor BWV 794 Organ

This is a keyboard arrangement of an oboe concerto attributed to the Venetian composer A. Marcello although Bach understood it to be a work by Vivaldi. J.S.Bach’s arrangement dates from 1715.It is work that is performed on the piano, organ and harpsichord. The organ realisation of this the Third Movement: Presto plays back at 56 dotted quarter note beats to the minute and the repeat is not played. In the video score the ornaments are written out in full. Additional ornaments can be added at the performer’s discretion. The music editor suggests listening to available recordings of this work before making a judgement about possible additions that could be made.Bach’s arrangement is mostly written in two parts is an excellent piece for a pianist to consider playing on the organ.The realisation utilises an 8’ Principal from a sample set. In a performance the organist could explore an alternative registration on the repeats.

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