It Was A Lovely Holiday Improver Piano

It is intended to introduce keyboard players to “swing” playing. This slow blues has a simple two part texture. Whilst swing music has a triplet feel to it players need to appreciate that the conventions involved in the notation of the rhythm of swing style can vary and be confusing. Listen to the playback score and understand the conventions involved in the writing of swing music by studying the score notated in common time and the appended score in 12/8. Appreciate that swing music can be notated in more than one way. The notation convention in the edited music score with suggested fingering is how this music would normally be presented to the music reading musician. The form of the 32 piece can be represented by the letters A A B A with each section being 8 bars long. Keyboard players should be aiming for fluidity in their playing. The realisation plays back at 110 dotted quarter (crotchet) beats to the minute. As a warm up to playing the piece the music editor suggests playing through through the following blues upwards and downwards slowly simply to become familiar with the sound of each scale. Eb major Eb F G Ab Bb C D Eb Eb blues Eb Gb Ab Bbb Bb Db Eb Eb minor Eb F Gb Ab Bb Cb D natural Eb Instrument players interested in this style of music will need to become familiar with terms like blue note and blues turnaround and spend time listening to blues style piano players particular from the New Orleans area.

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