Piano Sonatina in C Opus 20 No.1 First Movement

A quite charming and beautiful movement perfect for developing and combining legato playing with a sound piano playing technique. The repeat is not played in the realization. The music editor has been quite minimalist as far as score detail is concerned simply because too many edited copies of this sonatina have score detail that is irrelevant when playing on a modern piano or keyboard. There is an edited sheet music score available which has suggested fingering on the website. This also has a plain sheet music score attached. The principle of contrast so essential to the classical composition is evident in this movement. Friedrich Kuhlau (1786 – 1832) was a Danish composer and pianist of the late Classical and early Romantic time who along with a group of composers that includes Muzio Clementi (1752 -1832), Jan L. Dussek (1760 – 1812) and others produced piano music that is has become essential repertoire for the developing pianist.

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