Scherzando from Piano Sonata No.49

The tempo indication Allegro con brio is possibly a bit on the strong side for this movement which has character and charm rather than vigour. Scherzando is a direction to play in a playful manner whilst the realisation playback tempo is 110 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute with the repeats not played. The realisation is functional but understandably does lack the subtlety that is communicated in a performance. Ornaments and appoggiaturas are written out in the edited music score with trills beginning on the note and having a 5 note shape reflecting current performance practice. Composed in the late 1770's the work that reminds us that Haydn's did possess a sense of humour which is often evident on his music. Understand that there are several options available as far as "suggested" fingering is concerned but it is a work in which legato, staccato and staccatissimo touches can be explored in performance. The thumb is generally avoided on the black notes and there is an opportunity to explore changing the finger on a repeating note. A source score is appended to the sheet music score allowing the player some flexibility in their approach. In the repeats gifted and sensitive interpreters of Haydn's music add additional ornaments and figurations whilst possibly varying the dynamic and tempo but all keeping with the musical style.

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