First Movement from Sonata in A

Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782) is often referred to as the "London Bach" and important because he influenced Mozart's concerto style and is identified with the musical style known as "style galant." His keyboard music was generally performed on the fortepiano and there are recordings available of this sonata played on the harpsichord, clavichord, fortepiano and modern piano. The music copy is prepared the sonata to be played on a modern piano although the music editor does suggest listening to recordings of performances on other keyboard instruments. of the sustaining pedal can be considered particularly in the chordal sections although this has not been indicated in the score. This is one of a number of excellent and appealing pieces for the intermediate level pianist/keyboard player ensuring that a basic skill set is in place for the developing player. A tempo from 100 to 110 quarter note beats to the minute is suggested and 110 quarter note beats to the minute has been used in the realisation with the repeats not being played. Ornaments need to be played rhythmically and consistently although the music editor suggests leaving them out in the early stages of learning the piece. Trills do vary in length according to their context. The right and left hand parts are not always rhythmically independent - in passages where there are triplets the trills need to be adjusted so that there is a some sharing of the overall dominating rhythmic pattern. The score detail in respect to this is clearly indicated.

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