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Lascia chio pianga

The aria or song is taken from the opera Rinaldo which first appeared in 1711 and was revised in 1733. It is in ABA form and based on the sarabande rh Read More...

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It’s A Date

It's A Date is a beginner level piano/keyboard piece based on a 12 bar blues. As a beginner score the letter names of the notes appear in the note hea Read More...

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Sweet Dreams arr. saxophone choir/ quintet

An arrangement for soprano, two alto, tenor and baritone saxophones – 5 parts in total of this improver level ternary form (ABA) work from Tchaikovs Read More...

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Pieds-en-l’air arr saxophone ensemble

This is an excellent piece for developing legato playing and instrument tone and this arrangement is for soprano, alto, tenor with possibly two instru Read More...

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No Bailes Más! (Dance No More) arr. saxophone quartet

In this arrangement for saxophone quartet the specified instruments are soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. The score is formatted as a one Read More...

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Swing Low, Sweet Chariot arr. saxophone quartet

This is a very popular piece of music that in many respects transcends idiom, style & it could be suggested culture. This improver level arrangement i Read More...

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