Romantic Piece No.1 arr. flute & piano

A simply beautiful piece of music of chamber music possibly deserving of a more inspiring title than simply Romantic Piece No. 1 Opus 75 but suited to being played by a number of solo instruments although its origins are as a violin and piano piece. It dates from early 1887. In this arrangement for flute accompanied by piano there is considerable dynamic detail and any performance needs to reference this aspect of the score detail. The tempo of the playback in the realisation is 104 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute. This is an excellent piece for flute players keen to improve their tone and legato playing as it has a very song like and melodic character. Great space is created in the accompaniment figuration which has an almost Bach quality whilst the harmonic language and at times the texture clearly belong to the late 19th century. The music editor suggested pedalling for the whole movement is in place with the pedalling effectively changing every time the bass note is changed. The repeats are not played in the realisation. There are some octave transpositions in the arrangement needed to keep the flute within its range. Antonín Dvo?ák is described as Czech composer with his work incorporating rhythms and musical features of folk music from Moravia and his native Bohemia. Like many of his contemporaries of the late romantic era who lived on what were considered to be, at the time, the peripheries of Europe, he is often described as a nationalist composer. Dvo?ák’s compositional style is influenced by Brahms although his works have a very individual style possessing a great sense of energy and anticipation of the new century. A flute part is appended to the full score. Two accompaniments are available (1) without repeats and (2) with repeats playing back at a tempo of 104 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute.

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