Invitación (Invitation) arranged English horn (cor anglais) and piano

Invitación by I. Cervantes is a short attractive work. This intermediate level arrangement from PlentyMusic for English horn (cor anglais) and piano is in the key of E minor and features the Cuban habanera pattern. An English horn part, appropriately transposed, is appended to the full music score. Piano accompaniments are available playing at 68, 70, 72, 76 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute. They are recorded at 256 kbps and the music is played through twice. A click track is used to give the tempo of the movement on the mp3 accompaniment. Note that repeat markings are not shown in the sheet music score. It is an excellent piece for developing ensemble playing encouraging players to listen to both their own playing and the playing of others. The chromatic notes and modal shifts also make it challenging to play together. The music editor suggests that it is the ideal competition or test piece. The rhythmic patterns need to be secure and possibly learnt by clapping and tapping drills particularly in the context of an ensemble performance. There is surprising intensity in the music of Cervantes created by the tonal/modal ambivalence and by the many accidentals in the strong contrapuntal lines. Where appropriate some octave transpositions have been made in the melody line to keep to the best and most appropriate range for the instrument. Most of Cervantes movements are very short and benefit from being played through twice. The music editor has not actually made use of repeat signs in the music scores that have been prepared. The tempo of the score is marked Moderato with the movement able to be played at a range of tempi from around 64 to 76 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute. In this arrangement the realisation plays back at 68 quarter note beats to the minute. The performance practice of the music of Cervantes varies particularly regarding tempo and the use of rubato (speeding up and slowing down) does not benefit from the same tradition of playing as movements by more mainstream composers. The advice is simply to listen and learn from the recordings that are available. Whilst there is the scope for more flexibility in performance than demonstrated by the realisations the music editor suggests the avoidance of any exaggerated playing. Ignacio Cervantes was born in Havana, Cuba and composed many short pieces for the piano most of which are imbued with the rhythms and colour of his homeland. The habanera rhythmic pattern features strongly in his music. Please do let us hear and share your live performances which can be forwarded as mp3 and mp4 files to the PlentyMusic Office. Just advise us by email that you have a recording to share.

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Invitación (Invitation) piano E minor 72bpm 256kbps
Invitación (Invitation) piano E minor 70bpm 256kbps
Invitación (Invitation) piano E minor 68bpm 256kbps
Invitación (Invitation) piano E minor 66bpm 256kbps

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