Los Tres Golpes arr. mandolin, ac. guitar & bass

Ignacio Cervantes (1847-1905) was a Cuban pianist and composer and his music is an early example of nationalism. Los Tres Golpes (The Three Strikes) originally composed for piano is one of his Danzas Cubanas exploring the habanera rhythm. It is a short piece usually played through twice in a performance. It has a haunting quality and is suited to being played by a number of different instrument combinations. Whilst string bass and acoustic guitar are specified in the score there is room for flexibility in the approach and electric instruments may be substituted. His music combines Cuban, European and African elements and he was fortunate in being able to travel to Paris to further his music studies studying with Charles-Valentin Alkan and others. A tempo of 96 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is suggested.

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