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Keyboard Sonata in B minor K.27

This is a plain score version in that it has minimal score detail characteristic of music printed and published from the baroque era. A very pianistic keyboard sonata providing excellent opportunities for developing left hand over right hand playing technique. The work has a largely two part texture after short four part passages at the opening of the two sections. A tempo of 110 quarter note (crotchet beats) to the minutes is suggested – it is important that the chosen tempo enables the harmonic direction to be communicated. Fingers need to be kept close to the keys and little use of the sustaining pedal is advised whilst a legato playing approach is needed. There is a also more scope for developing the dynamic range than is presented in the realisation. The first page of edited music score does unfortunately look rather “busy.” At bar 29 note stems up are played by the right hand and note stems pointing downwards by the left hand. In a performance it it important to give shape to the motives.

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