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Sururú na Cidade arr. alto saxophone with piano accompaniment

Zequinha Abreu was a Brazilian musician and composer and Sururú na Cidade translates as Sururú in the City. The rondo form of Sururú na Cidade can be summarised as Intro A B B A C C A. The realisation plays back at a tempo of 88 quarter note beats to the minute and the repeats are played. The music of Brazil is a fascinating mix of European and African cultures with the Choro or Lament instrumental style having its origins in 19th century urban Rio de Janeiro (Chorinho = Little Lament). Whilst the inference of the title suggests a style that is sad, pieces can often have a fast and happy rhythms with syncopation, modulations and counterpoint. There are also particularly instruments associated with the performance of this music namely the flute, guitar and a small type of guitar with 4 strings known as the cavaquino which may have either play a melody or a chord rhythm. From the sheet music point of view this is a very concisely notated piece. Some performers play the repeat of the C section at the octave as indicated in the score but this is optional. An alto saxophone part is appended to the full score.

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