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The Teddy Bears Picnic arr. marimba & acoustic guitar

This very familiar character piece dating from 1907 was originally composed in standard march form but the musical content been rearranged. In this arrangement for a pitched percussion instrument (marimba, vibraphone, etc) in the key of C accompanied by an acoustic guitar a tempo of 96 dotted quarter notes is used in the realisation. Players can chose to play a shortened form ending on the first eighth note (quaver) of bar 88. There isn't too much score detail in the arrangement and as the music originates as a march understandably in a performance there is not much variation of the tempo. The music for the two players parts are both shown in full score. There are three acoustic guitar 2 accompaniments available playing at (1) 88 (2) 92 (3) 96 dotted quarter note beats (crotchet) to the minute.

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