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October (Autumn Song) arr. violoncello & piano

October (Autumn Song) is a composition that dates from 1876 and is in ternary form (ABA) work being part of a collection of 12 pieces by the composer known as “The Seasons.” This piece requires sensitive but at the same quite controlled playing – exaggerated dynamics and articulations need to be avoided. Many older scores of this work are filled with articulation markings that possibly don’t have the same meaning with modern instruments. It is quiet melancholy composition of great beauty with some sharing of melodic material between the voices which makes it an excellent ensemble piece. Some performers particularly in the triplet passage work at the end of the sections interpret the ties rather liberally. Understand that realisation whilst quite satisfactory does not demonstrate the range of tempo variation needed for a truly convincing performance. Rubato is very applicable when performing this music. The pause mark is also not well represented in the recording as it really needs to be longer whilst the small notes do not sound in the playback the recording. The editor suggests listening to many of the excellent performances of this work. A violoncello part notated in the tenor clef is appended to the full score. Piano accompaniments are available at tempi of (1) 63 (2) 60 (3) 58 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute. If an accompaniment is required with a click track in place for the cadenza section in bars 32 – 33 please advise the PlentyMusic office.

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October piano key of Em 63 bpm 128 kbps
October piano key of Em 60 bpm 128 kbps
October piano key of Em 58 bpm 128 kbps

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