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Down By The Riverside arr. clarinet in B Flat & piano

Down By The Riverside is a song that dates back to before the American Civil War but was not published until 1918. It can be described as an African American spiritual. There are many recorded versions dating as far back as the 1920’s and It was also familiar as an anti-war protest song during the Vietnam war. There are many versions of the lyrics which include Old Testament bible references. There are fine performances to be discovered by traditional jazz bands and singers that explore traditional, gospel and contemporary popular music styles. This arrangement sounds in the key of F and features syncopation in a march style. It is as an excellent introduction for learning to play in the 20th century popular idiom. A clarinet in Bb part appropriately transposed is appended to the full score. There is one accompaniment available that plays back at a tempo of 84 half note or minim beats to the minute.

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Down By The Riverside piano key of F 84 bpm 256 kbps

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