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First Movement from Sonata orig. in G arr. clarinet in B Flat & piano

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi became a Naples based composer from 1725 when the city was an important musical centre. His life sadly was cut short by illness but he did become a well-known composer in his lifetime particularly for his Stabat Mater and opera buffa. The music editor’s approach has simply been to present an arrangement for solo instrument with piano accompaniment. There is no baroque or for that matter classical preoccupation with the challenge for the performer being to present what is a charming and appealing piece of music in a performing context. The sounding key is Eb and the tempo of the realisation is 66 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute whilst the repeat is not played. In the sheet music score the ornaments are represented by symbols although the mordents do not sound and are optional. For those actually wanting to see how the ornaments are played have a look at the realisation score which is on our YouTube channel. Elements of baroque style can be identified in the rhythmic detail and the contrasting dynamics. The accompanist does need to make use of the sustaining pedal and there is some score detail relating to its use in place. An arrangement for solo violin with piano accompaniment by Alessandro Longo based on the trio sonata by Pergolesi is the source for this particular arrangement. Longo is best known for his work cataloguing Scarlatti’s sonatas and apart from being a fine concert pianist was Director of the Naples Conservatory. There are many other works have been incorrectly attributed to Pergolesi because as his name was well known, it was easy to sell the sheet music of others in this way! A clarinet part appropriately transposed is appended to the full score. There are three piano accompaniments available at tempos of (1) 68 (2) 66 and (3) 64 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute. Each accompaniment has a click track at the opening to give the tempo enabling players to play the upbeat in time.

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First Movement from Trio Sonata piano key of Eb 68 bpm 128 kbps
First Movement from Trio Sonata piano key of Eb 66 bpm 128 kbps
First Movement from Trio Sonata piano key of Eb 64 bpm 128 kbps

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