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Keyboard Sonata in C K.159 (Performance)

This performance score has score detail including dynamics, articulation markings and suggested right and left hand fingering. There are several Scarlatti keyboard sonatas in which the familiar hunting call motif is heard as in the opening bar of this sonata. The movement needs to be played with a very light touch to ensure that the suggested tempo of 104 dotted quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is maintained. In this concentrated and intense movement the repeats are not played in the realisation and the editor suggests that the repeats are only played when the sonata can be played comfortably. The ornamentation in the sonata is fairly straightforward as it tends to be in faster movements with acciaccaturas(crushed notes) and the four note short trill beginning on the upper note featured. However, some attention needs to be given to the choice of accidentals played in the ornaments. Bar 41 is notated using triplets for clarity. A light staccatissimo touch is needed for some of the sections and in the performance score these are all indicated by an appropriate symbol.

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