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Study in Canon Opus 56 No. 3 organ

The music opens and closes with an Andantino section that plays back at 72 quarter note beats to the minute while the section marked poco più mosso plays at 84 quarter note or crotchet beats to the minute. Both appoggiaturas (leaning notes) and acciaccaturas (crushed notes) feature as ornaments in the score. The texture can be described as a melody played as a canon and creating two voices, combined with an accompaniment figuration very typical of much of the composers keyboard music and a bass line. The Studies in Canon Opus 45 date from 1845 and were composed when the composer was focused on developing contrapuntal discipline in his writing. Pianists can also explore the piano duet version of Georges Bizet and the two piano version by Claude Debussy whilst the piano trio arrangements of Kirchner offer excellent additional repertoire.When playing this music on the organ understand than it was composed for an instrument described as a pedal piano which had one keyboard with a pedal board. It was often used as a practice instrument by organists. It is possible to see one being played on YouTube.

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