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None but the Lonely Heart arr. organ solo

Although only 54 bars long the piece has great emotional and musical range making it a challenging performance piece. The melody needs to be played on the swell or choir manual and the accompaniment using a quiet registration on the great. The pedal part can also be coupled to the great. In any transcription or score reduction compromises have to be made. The repeating elements do add unity to the song which has strong rhythmic and melodic shapes. Whilst there is a clearly evident phrase structure there are some overlapping phrases and the occasionally musical link which the organist will need to take into consideration in a performance. This arrangement keeps close to the composer’s original version of the song. There is a considerable amount of score detail and it is an excellent piece for developing a controlled tone in solo playing. The off-beat or syncopated chords in the accompaniment add to the intensity of the music. The realisation plays back at a tempo of 90 quarter notes or crotchet beats to the minute. None but the Lonely Heart originates as a song dating from 1869 coming from the composer’s Opus 6 collection. The poetry for the original song was written by the German romantic poet Goethe and subsequently translated into Russian. The music editor recommends reading a translation of the text although the clear message in the poem is an expression of loneliness.

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