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I. Allegro from Organ Sonata in D minor

The First Movement from Baldassare Galuppi’s Organ Sonata in D minor is in AB binary form. For those who wish to have more information on how the ornaments are played then the music editor suggests referring to the video sheet music score on YouTube where the ornaments are written out in full. As an organ piece the movement can be effectively played on a one manual instrument with possibly a choice of 8’ stops. This is music composed in the transition period between the baroque and classical periods. The A section is just 10 bars long and essentially comprises has two contrasting musical ideas or strains a and b with each strain being 5 bars long. The section closes in the dominant key of A minor. The B section is 20 bars long and opens with the same shape and strain as the first section but in A minor. Some new material is introduced at bar 16 and then after a few passing modulations the movement returns to the home key and opening strain of Section A at bar 23. Baldassare Galuppi (1706 – 1785) was born on the Venetian island of Burano and whilst he worked in Vienna, London and St. Petersburg he was mostly based in Venice where he held a number of important musical positions. He is one of an important group of composers that link the baroque with the classical age and is identified particularly with the style galant movement.

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