Ave Maria arr. organ

In this arrangement for organ from PlentyMusic Gounod’s melody is played on the pedals whilst the hands play Bach’s Prelude in C with the additional bar (29) and a repeat of the first 4 bars. There is no definitive edition of the work and there are countless melodic variants so do expect to hear the movement played differently particularly in respect to the last four bars. The challenge for the organist is to play the melody in a singing or legato style suggesting a secure pedal technique. The realisation plays back at 68 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute. The music editor also suggests that it might be appropriate to play the double dotted notes on the pedals in bars 10 and 12 as dotted notes particularly on slow tracker action instruments. For the pianist playing the organ this is probably the most suitable arrangement to learn and play. the accompaniment needs to be played in an even and as rhythmically controlled way as possible. There are many different interpretations of the Gounod arrangement particularly as to how the dotted notes are played and the pick up or anacrusis notes in the section from bar 23 to bar 28. Originally published as a Meditation on Prelude No. 1 by J. S. Bach the music appeared in 1859 with a text setting of the Latin prayer “Ave Maria” which has become widely known and performed both as an instrumental and vocal solo. Whilst Bach is a baroque composer Gounod, a French composer, known particularly for his operas belongs to the romantic period in music history. The movement is frequently performed at weddings and funerals as well as being suitable as concert music. As this movement is so familiar to the listening audience performers cannot afford to even go near a mistake rather than actually make one!

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