Country Gardens arr. improver level piano solo (Melody in played by Left Hand)

This is another improver level arrangement for piano or keyboard with the melody being played by the left hand whilst the right plays an accompaniment. The intention of the arrangement is to encourage balanced in the hands with the right hand playing quietly and the left hand playing out the melody so that it is clearly heard. It is an ideal piece of music for the improver level keyboards player as the melody is both familiar and quickly internalised. Do pay attention to the rhythmic detail and particularly the dotted notes. The realisation plays back at 66 half note or minim beats to the minute. There is suggested fingering in place on the sheet music score and keyboard players should be aiming for rhythmic playing with a legato touch. The time signature is 2/2 often referred to as “cut time” meaning that there are two half note or minim beats to the bar. Country Gardens is a traditional English folk tune that was collected (notated) by Cecil Sharp in 1899 from the concertina playing of William Kimber who was the musician for Headington Quarry Morris Men. The chords are also notated above the treble clef stave using letter symbols simply to get players used to understanding how these these symbols are used particularly in the playing of folk and popular music.

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