The Swan arr. trumpet in B Flat & piano

Camille Saint-Saens (1835-1921) was a French composer and this beautiful movement is from The Carnival of the Animals of 1886. The melody needs to be delivered with a legato tone and because of this and the melodic range it is an excellent piece for developing the tonal aspects of playing a musical instrument. Whilst the movement is particularly associated with the cello it is suited to being played by a number of different instruments and instrument combinations. The time signature indicates that there are 6 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the bar and these should be played as two groups of three. The harmonic language is very French in character sharing a subtlety that is also found in the music of his friend and pupil, the French composer Fauré. Pedalling in the piano part has not been indicated in the scores but does need to be used and generally this is governed by the harmonic rhythm of the movement. Like many French composers Saint-Saens was a very fine organist and music commentators suggest that his music is deserving of more attention because of its quality and variety. A trumpet in Bb part appropriately transposed is appended to the full score. The music editor is interested in hearing from trumpet players as to other keys options for this piece because available recordings suggest that there is more than one option. This version sounds in the key of F.

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