Brejeiro arr. marimba, acoustic guitar & double bass

Nazareth (1863 -1934) was a Brazilian composer and pianist whose music transcribes very well from the piano to popular contemporary instruments. His compositional style absorbs many different influences Brazilian, European, African and ragtime. He composed tangos, waltzes, polkas, sambas, galops, Scottisches and fox-trots and although classically trained was very familiar with the popular musical idioms of his day both at home and abroad. Brejeiro is described as a tango and the English translation of the Portugese word Brejeiro is impish meaning fun or mischevous. A tempo of 96 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is suggested. Some of the chord voicings in the guitar parts have been changed and there are some octave transpositions in the melody where the range of the solo instrument proves limiting. The acoustic guitar part is notated conventonally with supporting chord symbols. If a marimba not available a keyboard instruments with an accordion/free reed sound can be used.

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