Odeon arr. flute, acoustic guitar and string bass

This arrangement of Odeon for flute, acoustic guitar and string/upright bass is a lively rhythmic movement full of energy featuring many syncopated patterns with the realisation playing back at a tempo of 88 quarter note or crotchet beats to the minute. In this particular arrangement the music has been transposed up a semitone and where necessary there are some octave transpositions in the melody line to keep within the instrument’s range. The three individual instrument parts are also appended to the full score. The repetition element is quite strong as is typical of a piece of popular music whilst the form of the movement can be represented by the letters AABBACCA. Nazareth was a Brazilian composer and pianist whose compositional style absorbs many different influences including Brazilian, European, African and ragtime. As a composer Nazareth was particularly influenced by Chopin. The small ornamental notes can be added when the piece is able to be played competently. The score details in the composer’s hands is written in his native Portuguese and the words bright and dry are used along with the word gingando which means girgling or swaying in a dance context. The acoustic guitar and string bass as accompanying instruments needs to be played quite percussively communicate the energy of the movement. There are accompaniments featuring acoustic guitar and string bass available at tempi of 96, 92 and 88 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute with the repeats being played.

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