First Movement Keyboard Sonata in A

This is a pianistic and surprisingly technically quite straight forward to play. The main challenge is playing at a consistent tempo in the loud sections. The realisation is plays at 132 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute although it can be played faster! A very light pianistic touch is required particularly at the tempo that this piece requires. Staccatissimo markings (a very short staccato and an identifiable keyboard touch imitating a plucking action on the keys) have been used in the score together with staccato markings indicating that a short note is to be played. Some use of the sustaining pedal is suggested particularly when arpeggiated chords are played although this has not been indicated on the score. The closing section should be played at a steady two beats in the bar feel and needs to be understood as being a link to the second slow movement of the sonata. This piece is also excellent for developing rotation skills in the wrist and forearm. C.P.E.Bach's favourite keyboard instrument was the clavichord which is a very quiet sounding instrument and it is evident from his considerable output of music that he was a very hard working musician and composer. The ornaments, apart from the crushed notes or acciaccaturas have been written out in full to add clarity to the score whilst the repeats are not played in the realisation. The music editor suggests listening to performances of this movement played on different types of keyboard instruments.

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