Rondo in C major Without Opus No. 48 for piano + ornaments

A rondo is a piece with a recurring theme The repeat is often a varied repeat. Beethoven was particularly fond of using the form and they appear frequently in his sonatas and concertos especially as the last movement. This is one of Beethoven's works described as being Without Opus Number (WoO). Many of the characteristics of Beethoven's more mature compositional and performance style are demonstrated in this piece. It is is a lively, dramatic and characterful movement that needs to be approached with a light pianistic touch. Fingering is in place on the music score to encourage a secure playing technique and the movement needs to be played at a healthy one to a bar tempo of around 72 dotted quarter note (crotchets) beats to the minute. In this version the ornaments are included in the realisation although I would recommended listening to performances of this work on available recordings to understand how to best approach how they should be played. Understand that pianists rarely approach the playing of trills, appogiaturauras and other ornaments in the same way. Conventions in the performance of ornaments also change according to the prevailing performance practice - the best advice is that the performance of ornaments should not effect the rhythmic momentum inherent in the music.

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