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Frankie and Johnnie arr. improver level piano

Frankie and Johnnie is an improver level piano solo exploring the 12 bar blues in a swing style requiring it to be played with a triplet feel. The con Read More...

Added:   30th June, 2020 13:06 PM   | Views  : 995    | Downloads  : 0    

Lascia ch’io pianga (Let me cry) arranged organ

The aria or song is taken from the opera Rinaldo which first appeared in 1711 and was revised in 1733. It is in ABA form and based on the sarabande rh Read More...

Added:   24th June, 2020 17:06 PM   | Views  : 11247    | Downloads  : 0    

It Was A Lovely Holiday Improver Piano

It is intended to introduce keyboard players to “swing” playing. This slow blues has a simple two part texture. Whilst swing music has a triplet f Read More...

Added:   24th June, 2020 13:06 PM   | Views  : 954    | Downloads  : 0    

It’s A Date

It's A Date is a beginner level piano/keyboard piece based on a 12 bar blues. As a beginner score the letter names of the notes appear in the note hea Read More...

Added:   8th June, 2020 13:06 PM   | Views  : 10552    | Downloads  : 0    

Spring Song arr. flute & piano

A joyous and uplifting movement both for the player and the listener. A tempo of 84 quarter note beats (crotchet) to the minute is suggested and used Read More...

Added:   27th July, 2017 11:07 AM   | Views  : 1075    | Downloads  : 0